Tuesday, April 28, 2009

METAHYPE Press release: Uptown Square


Contact: Madison Blanc


Second Life developers, The Opulence Crux Conglomerate will unveil their foray into the luxury mall development world on May 1st with a full-scale cosmopolitan sim aimed at Second Life’s growing appetite for luxury goods and cutting edge entertainment.

With inspiration from the fashion centers of the terrestrial world, Uptown Square features four distinct districts that pay homage these global shopping capitals. There is the urban grit of New York City, the easy-going glamour of Los Angeles, the old-world style of Milan, and the romantic charm of Paris. Each area will contain one anchor store along with smaller shops that face elegant gathering areas, each representing its respective theme. Conceptualized and designed by Madison Blanc and SchMoke Seelowe, Uptown Square is realized in plush detail by the building duo of Sensuous and Supremius Maximus. For all involved in the construction stage, Uptown Square represents their strong sense of style and tireless attention to detail quality.

Uptown Square promises to not only feature the finest designs in luxury goods, but will also be a hub for SL entertainment. At the sim center sits the Metropolitan Club. The Metropolitan Club, built in striking deco style, will be the home base for SL’s leading DJ, SchMoke Seelowe. The Metropolitan Club’s roster of events includes, live music, live streaming sports and “Showtime at the Metro”, a live vocal competition. Adjacent to the Metropolitan Club is the new home to the “Top Model” modeling agency, one of SL’s most celebrated agencies. Known for elaborate fashion shows and real life level professionalism, Top Model will feature regular shows for Uptown Square’s fashion forward audiences. The sim will also house the unique “Uptown Square Municipal Court”. Using a structure developed by real life consulting attorneys, the Municipal Court will act out court sessions as is done in real life. Located in the New York City section, the Municipal Court will deliberate in weekly sessions to settle disputes in an entertaining way between SL couples and will settle small claims.

Uptown Square has been six months in the making from concept to final details. Upon opening, Uptown Square will celebrate the close of its construction phase and mark a new beginning of providing a dynamic community for SL citizens with discerning taste. Members of the media are cordially invited to preview Uptown Square. Personal tours are available on request. For additional information, please contact Madison Blanc.


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