Friday, September 10, 2010

Erie Isle Announces Change of Ownership

Erie Isle: Haunted Island Roleplay, one of Second Life’s® most popular roleplay destinations and innovator in the genre, announces the completion of the transfer of ownership to long-time Erie Isle player, Garaan Fitzroy.

Erie Isle, a Second Life based roleplay complex of four sims featuring a current-day haunted island theme, announces the transfer of ownership from founder Colleen Marjeta, to long-time Erie Isle player and collaborator to the original Erie mythos, Garaan Fitzroy.

Under Marjeta’s leadership, the Erie players and staff quickly brought Erie Isle to the forefront of SL roleplay. Providing a well developed mythos and environment for roleplay was at the core of Colleen Marjeta’s philosophy, but she also encouraged innovative ways to introduce Erie to broader audiences. Erie Isle has hosted mixed events for players and non-player guest like movies, plays, and concerts at the Phantom Theatre, movie screenings with real life filmmakers present to interact with SL residents, and kept a presence in SL media. This approach helped Erie Isle to grow to more than two thousand member players and aided it with being voted “Number One Place for Roleplay” in the Second Life Residents Choice Awards.

Marjeta’s decision to depart from an ownership role was a purely practical one, and based on her concern for Erie Isle and its future. Despite her deep affection for the project, it’s players, and it’s great stories, first life commitments were preventing Colleen from giving Erie the attention it needs and deserves. Garaan Fitzroy’s stepping forward is truly fortuitous for Erie Isle and the fact that he’s been actively involved all along gives Marjeta peace of mind that Erie will continue to grow and develop.

Fitzroy acknowledges the challenge with an open mind. He says: “I have a lot to live up to…I had previously been a staff member around when Erie came into existence, but I had not ever considered owning my own RP sim mainly because I had found my home in Erie”. Garaan Fitzroy is excited to take on this new role and assures Erie Isle players that the roleplay they’ve helped evolve will be preserved. “Erie has a rich back-story, from both players as well as the one originally created. I am just going to put the spotlight back on it, and let the players have fun”.

Erie Isle staff can expect to assist Fitzroy in getting an administrative overview, but outside of that, the transition is expected to be smooth and will not interrupt roleplay. Erie Isle owes its success to the great players and staff that call it home. Erie Isle is here to stay and will continue to provide a unique, fun, and innovative place for roleplay in Second Life.

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